How You Can Help

Reconnecting with Humla

In March 2010 NGN realized a goal of returning 25 children living under our care in Kathmandu, to their home district of Humla in the mountainous northwest region. We continue to restore their family connections, their cultural identities and traditional lives in the regions of their birth. This takes time and a careful process of reintegration, monitoring and support. We have opened a new transitional home in Simikot, Humla, where we house, feed, provide medical care and education to all 25 children while supporting their transition and reintegration to rural life. 

Your support is critical to this successful transition. The annual cost of managing the home, caring for the children and providing the reintegration support via home visits, and monitoring require substantial costs. You can get involved!

Your contribution of any amount would help cover:

Education: $20/child/month
Food: $30/ child/month
Medical Expenses 10 children: $50/month
Clothing: $75/child/year
Rent/utilities: $300/house/month
Monitoring 25 children: $400/month
House staff salaries: $500/month

Improved Education in Simikot
Educational access and quality is an on-going challenge in the remote regions of Nepal. Our data and information gathered from other local and international community development organizations points to a desire for education as a root cause of migration to Kathmandu and vulnerability to the deceptive promises of child traffickers. Therefore, NGN has begun a pilot project to develop local community support and local government collaboration in a school improvement project targeting the public school in Simikot, Humla.

Your contribution of any amount would help cover:

Furniture: $30/ one table and bench
Books for the school: $100/year
Teaching materials: $100/year
Teacher training: $300/one teacher/year
Facilities improvement: $5,000 toilets and water tap