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Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal

Next Generation Nepal-Donate-September 2016 
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Many of the children that NGN rescue do not remember where they are from or who their parents are. It is only by listening to their dialects and prompting them to tell their stories of “before” that our dedicated teams gather clues. Only then can we begin the journey into the most remote areas to search for their families. During this time, the children stay in the NGN transit home and are provided with everything they need to feel safe and cared for. This includes all the basic needs of nutritional food, clothing, emotional support, play activities, educational tutoring and medical care. Children are resilient, and once we build their trust and they know they are safe, their lives once again become filled with laughter and joy. 

When 7-year-old Jamuna was rescued and brought to the NGN transit home, she suffered from a terrible skin condition that left her itchy, swollen and at risk of infection. Within days of being in NGN’s care and having her condition treated with the medications prescribed, she was on the path to recovery. She was able to sleep at night rather than lay awake tearing her skin with her fingernails. Once Jamuna’s skin was healed, she became full of energy and joy.

Your contribution helps NGN provide everything a child needs to heal and grow so they can return home strong and healthy. It takes only a little to make a big difference. You can provide all the necessary post-rescue care for a child like Jamuna while they are staying in the NGN transit home for $40 a month.

There are over 16,000 children living in children’s homes in Nepal and estimates show that up to 85 percent of them are not orphans. Please help support our work to bring these children home. We cannot do it alone. 

Here are some of the ways your donation will help
$30 covers the monthly costs associated with searching for and reunifying a child.
$40 provides all of the post-rescue care for a child for a month.
$375 covers the costs of searching for and reunifying a child for a year.
$460 provides all of the post-rescue care for a child for an entire year.

Please make a contribution today and bring a child who has been trafficked home to their family.

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