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Your contribution will make the difference in Nepal's Next Generation.


Follow NGN's efforts to reconnect trafficked children with their families.


Give the Gift of Family for the Holidays

Daman & Lakesh

 With your generosity, we can rescue more trafficked children and reconnect them with their families. Donate now!

Next Generation Nepal rescues kids who were taken from their parents by traffickers. Daman, pictured above, was a mere 39 lbs and 13 years old when we rescued him. He had to be rushed to the hospital where he spent weeks recovering from chronic malnutrition. A year later he's healthy and he's going to school.

We're looking for Daman's family right now. Our reintegration teams put on backpacks filled with rice and lentils, and they search the remote villages of Daman's mom and dad—they are out there somewhere. Until we can find them, Daman and other kids need your help to provide care for them.

With your generosity and our tenacity we can rescue more children. We’re sure you would want the same for your loved ones.

NGN needs your help. We need you to donate so we can help Daman and all the others. We know you're probably getting asked to do a lot this holiday season, so thank you for considering this.

May your holiday be safe and joyful and filled with gratitude!

Some Sample Costs:
$53 pays for one child’s immediate medical treatment post rescue.
$434 pays to search for the family of a trafficked child in remote locations of Nepal.
$456 pays for one child to go to school locally for one year.
$1327 pays for one child to be fed and cared for in the transitional home for one year.

Thank you for your support!

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