Make a Difference in a Child's Life:

Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal

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It has been a difficult time in Nepal. Massive earthquakes, civil unrest and now, an unofficial blockade of essential supplies are taking their toll on the families and children of Nepal.

Our team has not given up in the face of anything that has come our way, and it is your commitment that makes it possible for us to continue doing the work that we do.

Mohan was only 17 months old when he was rescued and brought to NGN’s transit home. Too young to speak, we made sure he was able to receive all the care he needed to feel safe and loved. He had plenty to eat, a warm place to lay his head, a thorough health screening and all the attention a little boy could want to thrive. For just $65 a month, you can provide all the post-rescue care for a child just like Mohan.

NGN’s work can only be accomplished with your help. Still, there are thousands of children living in illegal, unethical orphanages. These children need to be rescued, rehabilitated, reunified and brought home to their families. This is what we do, but we can’t do it without your support.

Here are some of the ways your donation will help
$35 covers the monthly costs associated with searching for and reunifying a child.
$65 provides all of the post-rescue care for a child for a month.
$395 covers the costs of searching for and reunifying a child for a year.
$770 provides all of the post-rescue care for a child for an entire year.

Please make a contribution today and bring a child who has been trafficked home to their family.

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