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Follow NGN's efforts to reconnect trafficked children with their families.


Donate today - bring home the lost children of Nepal

Shruti reacquaints herself with her grandmother in their family village, 2012.

 Donate today and help a trafficked child

Your donation can help a trafficked child find their family. NGN helps rescue, bring home, rehabilitate and educate trafficked children in Nepal. Our highly skilled team on the ground uses a unique approach to counsel rescued children to spark their memories and then scour the countryside to find their families.

We closely monitor families, communities and educational institutions to ensure that the child is in the best possible place and there is no risk of re-trafficking.

There are an estimated 11,000 children trafficked into exploitative children’s homes in Nepal. Our goal is to bring them all home!

Your gift will help bring an end to this exploitation.

Please Donate today.

Some Sample Costs:
$53 pays for one child’s immediate medical treatment post rescue.
$434 pays to search for the family of a trafficked child in remote locations of Nepal.
$456 pays for one child to go to school locally for one year.
$1327 pays for one child to be fed and cared for in the transitional home for one year.

Thank you for your support!

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